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mother and son smilingWelcome to our blog at GoldsteinFamilyLaw.com! In more than forty years of practice, we have seen every fad and style of legal practice, but we know that there is only one way to assert his client’s interests – with informed and forceful conviction. Our job as attorneys is to put our client’s goals first and to ensure that their interests are protected, and this is something that the Goldstein Law Offices’ takes seriously.

Arnold D Goldstein is a divorce and family law attorney with experience and the drive to handle your high conflict case. That drive extends to the practice, Goldstein Law, through its aggressive and focused divorce and family law representation. We encourage mediation, negotiation, and collaboration, but nothing works as well if you do not practice as a credible, experienced and aggressive attorney. Goldstein Law Offices handle all forms of familial law issues, but our main focus is on passionate representation in divorce cases. Our attorneys have already represented thousands of clients through their divorce proceedings and are incredibly capable of handling complex financial issues in the process. Because of Goldstein’s financial background, he is adept at hunting out hidden assets from off-shore accounts and dividing complicated marital estates.

If you’re in need of familial law services, you need someone you can trust. Goldstein Law is the practice you can have confidence in when you find yourself in need of a Lake County family law attorney. We can help you through the difficult process with passion and care. Learn more about your trusted Lake County family law attorney at GoldsteinFamilyLaw.com.