Family Law Terminology Part 2

latin law booksIn a previous blog, we defined some common family law terms to help get you through family law proceedings with less confusion. Understanding the legal terminology used in divorces or custody battles can be essential, so here are some more important terms to get to know.

No-Fault Divorce: divorce action that does not require one spouse to prove the other’s misconduct as grounds for the divorce.

Fault-Based Divorce: divorce in which proven misconduct by one spouse is needed before the marriage is ended.

Irreconcilable Differences and Irretrievable Breakdown: legal grounds for no fault divorces.

Prenuptial Agreement: contract agreed upon before the marriage that lays out each spouse’s rights to property and assets in case of divorce.

Equitable Distribution: the distribution of property obtained during the marriage between the spouses.

Uncontested Divorce: when the defendant does not fight the divorce and there are no further actions for the court to decide about children, money, or property.

Innocent Spouse Rules: rules made by the IRS that protect a spouse from the other’s tax fraud.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO): court order that requires one spouse to give the other a share of their pension or retirement funds.

Temporary Support: spousal support that is given while the divorce action is still pending.

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